Services We Provide …

911 – Advanced Life Support

 When you call 911 you will be sent an ambulance. On this ambulance are trained professionals who will assess your emergency condition.

Emergency Transfers

There are times when your condition may warrant the specialize treatment only a hospital other than St. Joseph or Maryville can provide. In these cases, after a medical screening by a doctor in one of these emergency rooms, you can be transferred to those out-of-area hospitals.

Non-Emergent Transfers

There are some in the community who can not travel in any manner other than an ambulance. For these patients we have non-emergency service available. These transfers are handled after all 911 calls are handled. This service is for home to hospital, hospital to hospital, hospital to nursing home, or hospital to home.

Event Standbys

Where ever large crowds gather, Andrew County Ambulance district is there providing emergency medical coverage. Whether it is an extra crew or a whole extra team, ACAD is ready to provide this needed service.

Community Information and Education

ACAD keeps the community informed through a variety of programs. Website, handouts, speaking engagements, presentations, demonstrations, CPR classes, ambulance showcases, and many others are the way ACAD stays involved in its community.